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Zoom Music Class


10:00 AM

COVID-19 Updates

~ Summer 2020 Zoom Music Classes for infants thru elementary school ages ~ 
10:00AM - 10:30AM 
Monday June 8th          Thursday June 11th 
Monday June 22nd             Thursday June 25th 
July and August dates TBD
Pick the Monday or Thursday that works best for your family each of these weeks, you can switch days for the Zoom classes.

Summer Home School Zoom Classes for ages 4+ 
Monday June 8th and June 22nd          tentatively 11:00AM 

If you would like to attend the Zoom music classes and/or receive music class videos, please contact Carla at:
At-home instrument making:  rain sticks and ocean drums to use with the June Zoom classes:
I'm planning to do videos the week of May 26th about making rain sticks and ocean drums. We'll be using these with the June Zoom classes...we'll be enjoying some ocean songs! I want to give everyone plenty of time to make the instruments before the June Zoom classes, we won't be making the instruments during the Zoom classes.   
Materials to start gathering to make rain sticks and ocean drums: 
- empty paper towel or TP holders (or other tubes you may have) at least 1 for each child, some children might want to tape tubes together for a longer rain stick
- tape (preferably masking tape, packing tape, duct tape - colored tape would be fun) 
- paper plates (2 for each child) - sturdier plates (preferably plastic coated or cut resistant plates for a better sound and durability); 8.5 inches is a good size for smaller hands but whatever size you have on hand will work 
- foil 
- dried beans, rice, small/tiny seeds, beads - anything similar you have on hand that could be used to put inside the ocean drum and rain stick
- markers or crayons; stickers
- stapler (for mom or dad to use)