Church Staff

Church Staff
Welcome Pastor Bruce! 
On Sunday January 24, 2021, the congregation voted unanimously to Call Pastor Bruce to Bethany. Pastor Bruce will officially begin on February 1st, although his ministry with Bethany has already begun! Pastor Bruce has been serving as our supply Pastor during the month of January. Pastor Bruce has already become involved with our Food Pantry ministry, meeting with our staff, worship planning, helping to organize an outreach project for Mary's Shelter and Opportunity House and sharing his excitement and encouragement to reach out to the community. We pray for God's continued blessings and guidance for Pastor Bruce and our congregation as we begin a new adventure together! 

Pastor: Rev. Bruce Osterhout

Council President: Tom Evans

Church Secretary: Janice Stock 

Director of Music Ministry: Carla Seidel, SPC

Guitarist: Harry Stock

Christian Education (children & youth): Stacie Pauley and Nena Evans

Church Treasurer: Robin Gross

Church Sexton: Neil Henry

Food Pantry Director: Carol Bachman 

Parish Nurse: Karin Long BA, RN, FCN, SANE