Family Music Classes

Family Music Classes
 COVID-19 Updates
~ Classes are being held on Zoom with some outdoor classes being added for spring 2021 ~

See list of household items below to use for at-home musical instruments! 



SPRING SEMESTER 2021 - Zoom and Outdoor Classes! 

For the spring semester, we will have Outside/In-Person and Zoom music class Opportunities! 

The spring semester will be held the weeks of April 12th - May 17th. 

Some classes will be weekly, some will be bi-weekly.
Some will be zoom classes and some will be outside/in-person classes. 

We totally understand that we are all at different comfort levels as we continue to journey through COVID-19.

Monday morning classes will be on zoom and Thursday morning classes will be outside. 

The West Reading Recreation Dept. has agreed to allow us to use the pavilion Thursday mornings for our spring semester classes (no rental fee!). We will not have use of the restrooms. Parking is available on Sycamore Rd. at the pavilion, you can park in permit only spaces up to 2 hours without a permit as noted on the signs. Street cleaning parking restriction signs are posted on each street.  

*** Pre-registration is Required for All Outside Classes ***
 *** Outside Class sizes are limited ~ NO Walk-ins  ***

Monday Morning ZOOM Classes:

9AM - 9:30AM Kindergarten Class (weeks of 4/12, 4/26, 5/10) 
10AM - 10:30AM  infants to age 5 (weekly classes) 
11AM - 11:30AM elementary ages grades 1+ (weekly classes) 

Monday Afternoon classes: 
1PM - 1:30PM home school ages 4+ (weekly classes) 
3PM - 3:30PM elementary ages grades 1+ (weeks of 4/12, 4/26, 5/10) 

Thursday Morning OUTSIDE/In-Person Classes   -   rain or shine
** No outside classes will be held if it is thunder storming ***

                         9AM - 9:30AM      infants to age 5 (weekly classes)       This class is currently filled.                                  
10AM - 10:30AM   infants to age 5 (weekly classes)      This class is currently filled.  
11AM - 11:30AM   infants to age 5 (weekly classes)      This class is currently  filled.  

Please call the church office (610-375-7163) or email Carla to be added to our waiting list.

Outside/In-Person Class Details: 
Outside classes are limited to 20 people for each class (total children and adults). 
We will follow social distancing by family and we ask everyone over age 2 to please wear a face mask. 
Please bring a blanket for your family to stay on for the class.
You will also need to bring a drum, rhythm sticks, shaker and scarf for each child.
We will not be sharing instruments.

If anyone in your household is ill or has any COVID-19 symptoms please stay home. 

Additional information will be provided for families registered for outside classes. 

Zoom Class Details:
There are no class size limitations for the Zoom classes. Please mute after we say hello.
Please participate in the Zoom classes with your child(ren). You could also try having your child,
especially toddlers and infants, face you and not the screen. 

Zoom links will be sent to families registered for the Zoom classes. 

Please let us know if you would like to register for a class for your children and which class.
Please contact Carla at or at 610-375-7163. 

Class sizes are limited for outside classes. Outside classes will be filled on a first-come basis. 

Class sizes for Zoom classes are not limited. 

We will only be sending Zoom invitations to families who register for the Zoom classes. Even if you are not sure about the Zoom classes and would like to be included on our Zoom email list, please let Carla know ( 

Suggested Class Fees: 
As we continue to journey through the pandemic and until we are able to safely return to in-door classes at Bethany, we are changing the suggested semester fee to $25.00 per family instead of a per child suggested fee. If the suggested family fee does not work for your family, that is not a problem. We understand that this pandemic has affected families in many different ways. 

All of the fees are used towards the cost of instruments, materials, curriculum and
instructor continuing education for the classes. 
There are no instructor fees. 

Class fees/donations can be sent to: (please make checks payable to "Bethany Lutheran")
Bethany Lutheran 
attn.: Music Classes
336 Franklin St. 
West Reading, PA. 19611

Summer 2021 Classes! 
I am offering classes in June that will be held at Bethany Lutheran (336 Franklin St. West Reading). Classes will be held outside in our courtyard. We do not have a large courtyard and it is not covered. Class sizes will be limited and filled on a first come basis. 

If it rains, classes will be held inside at Bethany with limited singing. Windows and doors will be open for ventilation. 

I also understand that not everyone may be comfortable with in-person gatherings yet and that's OK. I am also offering abbreviated summer zoom classes for infants to age 5 in between the in-person classes. 

With the CDC and state changes that have just taken place regarding face mask wearing recommendations,  Bethany is continuing to take appropriate precautions by encouraging everyone over age 2 to please wear face masks. I am fully vaccinated and will continue to wear a face mask for our classes because I feel that it is the appropriate safety measure to take with singing, even for outside classes. 

If you or anyone in your family is ill, have COVID symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has COVID, please stay home. 

These are the only summer classes that will be held. There is no suggested fee for the summer classes. Donations of non-perishable food items will be greatly accepted for Bethany's food pantry ministry. 

Pre-Registration is required! No Walk-ins!

                            Monday June 14th       Theme: "Frogs, Gators and Monkeys...Oh My!"
10:00AM - 10:30AM    infants to age 5 in-person class
                10:35AM - 10:50AM    abbreviated zoom class - infants to age 5
11:00AM - 11:30AM    infants to age 5 in-person class

                               Thursday June 17th     Theme: "Frogs, Gators and Monkeys...Oh My!"
10:00AM - 10:30AM    infants to age 5 in-person class
                10:35AM - 10:50AM    abbreviated zoom class - infants to age 5
                                     11:00AM - 11:30AM      infants to age 5 in-person class                                   


Monday June 21st      "Fun with Orff Instruments" 
                                                                10:00AM - 10:30AM  elementary ages (children finishing kindergarten - entering or finishing 3rd grade) 

Thursday June 24th    "Fun with Orff Instruments" 
                                                                 10:00AM - 10:30AM  elementary ages (children finishing kindergarten - entering or finishing 3rd grade) 

If you would like to attend a summer class, please let me know which class day and time you would like to attend. or call 610-375-7163 

Thank you for giving your child(ren) the gift of music! 
Miss Carla 



Household Items/Make Your Own At-Home Musical Instruments
and Movement Ideas! 

These are just some creative with finding SAFE items in your kitchen and around the house. 

Only use items that are SAFE for children and NO Choking Hazards.

Materials to make rain sticks and ocean drums: 
- empty paper towel or TP holders (or other tubes you may have) at least 1 for each child, some children might want to tape tubes together for a longer rain stick
- tape (preferably masking tape, packing tape, duct tape - colored tape would be fun) 
- paper plates (2 for each child) - sturdier plates (preferably plastic coated or cut resistant plates for a better sound and durability); 8.5 inches is a good size for smaller hands but whatever size you have on hand will work 
- foil 
- dried beans, rice, small/tiny seeds, beads - anything similar you have on hand that could be used to put inside the ocean drum and rain stick
- markers or crayons; stickers
- stapler (for mom or dad to use) 

Rain Stick: tape one end of paper towel holder closed; make small balls with foil and place in tube, not quite to the top; then add dried beans, etc. Tape other end of tube closed. Make sure ends are securely sealed so nothing falls out. Decorate the outside of the tube. 

Ocean Drum: using paper plates, right side up, add dried beans, etc. 1/4 - 1/2 full; place other plate on top, staple around the edges then securely tape around the entire edge so nothing falls out. Decorate the outside of the plates. 

Fill a sturdy small container that small hands can hold and not break and that can not be placed in their mouth; with dried beans, rice, pasta; could also use beads. Seal the container tightly and securely so nothing falls out of the container. 

Place a small box of dried pasta in a storage bag that can be tightly sealed (so pasta does not fall out).

Rhythm Sticks
Wooden spoons; spatulas. 

Make your own by cutting 3/4" wooden dowels into 6" sections then sanding the ends until completely smooth.

Plastic bowls, pots and pans, boxes, buckets.
Drum sticks: pool noodles cut into 10" sections make fun quiet drum sticks. 

Metal Sounds
Tapping spoons together, tapping metal pots and pans/lids with a wooden spoon or spatula. 

Scraping Sounds
Cooling rack and a spoon, whisk or spatula.

Sand Blocks
Cut pool noodles into 5" or 6" sections then cut each section in half lengthwise, rub together. 

Any kind of silk type scarf that will move easily.

Laundry Boats
Laundry baskets! 

At-Home Parachute
Old bed sheet or large scarf.

(Email for video instructions to make ocean drums, rain sticks and ideas for household item instruments OR for suggestions to purchase instruments to use at home)

Family Music Classes!

Our Orff approach program provides a creative environment for making music through the exploration of singing, playing instruments, listening, movement and imaginative play. Parents (or a caregiver) and children participate together in the classes.

We sing, dance, move and use a wonderful variety of instruments in the classes. Sometimes we put books to music, sometimes we include finger plays and sometimes our puppet friends help us sing. 

Our music instructor is Carla Seidel. Carla founded this outreach program in 2002. Carla has a passion for music and loves working with children. Carla has received certification through Music Rhapsody, the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, Musikgarten, Kutztown University Academy for Church Organ Studies and the American Guild of Organists. Carla has also studied at Alvernia University and Columbia University; and also with Kids' Music Round, Come Children Sing Institute and World Music Drumming.
Carla has more than 30 years experience as a Church musician directing various choirs for children, teens, adults, handbells and instrumentalists. 

If you would like to attend the Zoom music classes and/or receive music class videos, please contact Carla at:


We have fall, winter and spring semesters. Classes are offered Monday's and Thursday's. Our classes are very informal, please wear comfortable clothing for moving activities.

10:00AM - 10:30AM ages 6 months to age 5  This class is filled for the spring 2020 semester. 
10:45AM - 11:15AM ages 6 months to age 5  This class is filled for the spring 2020 semester. 
1:00PM - 2:00PM Home School class ages 4+

10:00AM - 10:30AM ages 6 months to age 5 
This class is filled for the spring 2020 semester. 
10:45AM - 11:15AM ages 6 months to age 5  This class is filled for the spring 2020 semester. 

Suggested class donation/fee: $25.00 per child/per semester, $10.00 additional child. Donations in any amount accepted. Fees/donations are applied to the cost of instruments, materials, curriculum and instructor continuing education for the classes. Class fees/donations can be paid at the beginning of the semester. Please make checks payable to "Bethany Lutheran". 

Pre-registration is highly suggested as class sizes are limited. Registration is required. Families can join the classes anytime - please call first to check available class times as some class times fill quickly. 

***   If you would like to pre-register for a class or be added to our waiting list for any filled class times, please call the church office at 610-375-7163 or email Carla: (please indicate "music class" as the subject).      

In the event of inclement weather, any class cancellation will be listed on and channel 69 under "Bethany Lutheran - West Reading Family Music Classes".

Ladybug song!

***Please call the church office for available class times before sending registration form as some classes fill quickly: 610-375-7163

Family Music Class Registration Form!
Please send registration forms to:
Bethany Lutheran
attn: Carla Seidel
336 Franklin St. 
West Reading, PA. 19611
Forms can also be submitted the beginning of each semester.