Pastor's Update

Pastor's Update 




The Bethany Lutheran Sunday School Association celebrates 135 years in 2021! 
It was founded in 1886 by members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading. 
The congregation was organized in 1897!
We will celebrate our 125th anniversary in 2022!
The building was constructed in 1923! 
The Sunday School wing was added in 1963!  

Food Pantry Ministry began in 1999! 

 Outreach Family Music Class Program started in 2002! 

Anniversary Celebration 2022 Events! 

Anniversary Luncheon
Sunday March 20th 
12:00PM at Mimmo's
9:30AM worship at Bethany
Reservations needed by March 13th (please call the church office 610-375-7163)
$20.00 per person

Butterflies for Easter! 
Butterflies remind us of Jesus death and resurrection. Like a butterfly coming out of a dead-looking chrysalis,
Jesus came out alive from the tomb with a resurrected body that would never die. 
While re-organizing the archives room and looking through photos,
we found a photo from 1979 where children and adults made butterflies that were hung around the church for Easter.
We thought this would be a neat idea to do again for Easter especially as part of our anniversary year.  
When you come to church for Easter and during the Easter season, look for butterflies! 

Festival Worship Service!
Sunday May 1, 2022
Pastor Zeiser will be joining us! 
Banner Procession! Children, teens and adults are needed to participate! 
Fellowship and brunch after worship! 
Children, teens and adults are invited to sing with us!
Hymn Anthem “Christ, Be Our Light”!
Current and former choir members!
Anyone who likes to sing!
(we will wear masks to sing)
Come at 9AM on Sunday May 1st for a rehearsal!
Guitarists are invited to join us to accompany our hymn anthem!
Please call the church office or email Carla ( and we will be happy
to get the music to you ahead of time!
Come at 8:45AM on May 1st for a rehearsal!
Instrumentalists are welcome to join us to accompany the hymns!
Please call the church office or email Carla for more information!

Guest Pastor - Rev. Chris Rothharpt
Pastor Chris will be participating in our worship service on Sunday June 19th
to help celebrate our 125th anniversary year! 

Community All-Day Event! 
Sunday September 18th

9:30AM Worship at Bethany 

Afternoon Event Location: West Reading Pavilion and Field 
12:00PM - 4:00PM
Rain or Shine

Free School Supplies 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Free children's craft 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Free Entertainment: 
The Amazing Magi  1:00PM - 1:45PM
Jeff Krick (Elvis Tribute, Oldies and Gospel Music) 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Bring your own lawn chairs!

Food Trucks (fee)

Worship with Bishop DeForest
Sunday October 16th

Bethany Cookbooks $5.00
Please call the church office to order your cookbook! They make great gifts too! 

 Please check back for more anniversary details and additions!